The People Behind The New Marketing Era

We are a diverse network of marketing professionals. Each of us are experts in distinct facets of the industry–and ready to take on everything this new era has to offer. 


Marketing Strategist & Consultant

Ali is your gateway into the new marketing era. With entrepreneurial instincts and refreshing ideas about the industry, he’ll offer a new and effective perspective on growing your brand. Together, you’ll develop the overarching strategy best suited to you–then Ali will connect you to his diverse network of industry professionals ready to execute your next campaign.


Digital Creator & Editor

There isn’t a digital creator and editor with a better turnaround time than Amis–we’d put money on that. Amis creates quality, scroll-stopping content in impressive volumes. He’s been working with us for over 5 years–and is a linchpin in an era that puts an onus on short-form content.



Meticulous. Engaging. Innovative. Hamed makes no compromises when it comes to editing high-end content. When he’s not in the flow of editing immaculate content for his clients, he can be found sharing his understanding with others. A testament to his mastery over the craft: Hamed has over 150 editing students!


Logistics & Development

Ever diligent, Hossein keeps clients on track by managing the logistics of their many campaigns. Utilizing his background and experience as a developer, Hossein ensures key milestones are being met, performance is strong, and his clients are ever steadfast on the road to growth.


Full-Stack Developer

Omid cooks up responsive, user-friendly websites–all from scratch. As a full-stack developer, he blends artistic flair with technical know-how, resulting in landing pages and sites that perform just as wonderfully as they look. A website is your digital home–Omid will build you an online space that you can take pride in.


Social Media Manager

Plugged in and well-connected to her client’s communities, Pantea is the new-era social media manager everyone wants in their corner. Always on the go, Pantea maintains organic distribution, from multiple social platforms and for a diverse range of clients. With a specialty in Public Relations, Pantea is also the go-to for connecting with the right media platforms and influencers.


Translator & Copywriter

Language need not be a barrier to your brand’s reach–not when Samineh is around! A talented writer/communicator in both Farsi and English, Samineh helps further the message of her clients by translating copy so that it can reach new communities, markets, and audiences. For Salām, hello, and everything in between, Samineh has your copy covered!



Scroll-stopping content starts with good videography. That’s why clients continue to trust Ario to breathe creative light into their feeds and ad campaigns, with carefully framed and expertly shot video. Ario brings top-notch precision to the table, while keeping his process lean and efficient for smooth in-the-field work.



Chris is a copywriter, providing clients with words that engage readers and turn them into customers. He also wrote the copy for this website, including this section, and hates writing about himself in the third person.


Operations Manager

Juwan is a new arrival to the new marketing era, here to bring order to our day-to-day operations. Juwan coordinates the many moving parts of our services to clients, ensuring that everyone has what they need to continue creating a meaningful impact. Quick to learn and always happy to execute, Juwan is the glue that holds everything together.


Ad Specialist

Nima is the architect of our ad campaigns. With great attention to detail and a passion for optimizing reach, Nima manages a variety of client campaigns to ensure they’re all running smoothly. If your business needs to generate leads, your business needs Nima!